Efficient, secure & reliable Asset Management

Stay in control

Efficient key & asset management cannot be done without an electronic management system. When keys and equipment are shared, this is not always done with care. In the event of loss or damage, you want to know exactly who last used certain equipment or keys.

The key & asset management systems of CaptureTech enable you to secure, protect, manage and audit the use of almost any physical asset, be it mobile devices, equipment, keys, rooms or even vehicles. You can also easily track & trace keys and assets with a full audit trail. With CaptureTech’s electronic locker and key management systems you directly reduce downtime, damage and ensure fewer losses, which in turn means less administration and lower operating costs.

Asset Management solutions that works for any application

CaptureTech customizes key management solution to increase efficiency, security, and reliability for state assets like The State of Maine Property Management Division (PMD). PMD is a core department of the state’s Bureau of General Services, read more about it.


Intelligent key and asset management systems

Key Management

Efficient Key management has never been this easy. CaptureTech’s key management system efficiently manages who has access to which key and provides realtime information when it is in use. Think of keys for meeting rooms, filing cabinets, storage rooms, server cabinets and company cars.

Electronic locker solutions

Complete control over your valuable assets such as mobile devices, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. With an electronic locker you can track 24/7 who has something in use. Not only, do you know exactly where your valuable equipment is located, but also when it is use and by whom.

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