Efficient, Secure & reliable

Full control over Keys

How does the electronic key cabinet work? The key management software the WebManager saves all relevant data and shows you exactly who has which key in possession, when it was last used and when it is returned. The system is able to individually lock each key via the attached key fob. When a key is removed from the system, the software will help management understand who checked out what key, and when.

key Benefits

The KeyConductor


Efficient key Management

Automate return and collection


Secure access

Easy access via PIN code, QR code or employee badge


Save time

No more repetitive and time-consuming administration


Track & Trace

Trace who, what and when



Connect the system with your preferred software



Available from 12 key positions upwards


WebManager full Audit Trail

With CaptureTech’s KeyConductor you can track 24/7 who has access to which key. This web-based application provides you with a clear overview over who, what, where and when. All actions of key users are recorded in a database, creating a comprehensive audit trail.


No more lost keys thanks to the KeyCop

The KeyCop is an intelligent key ring with an integrated RFID tag and laser-engraved barcode to which you can attach one or more keys. With the KeyCop you can directly improve key management within your organization because you can easily track who has which keys, in their possession, when they have been used, when they are returned and where the keys are located. Thanks to the KeyCop you will no longer lose your keys and you increase your organizations security.

3RD party

Integrate with existing software

The CaptureTech WebManager can easily be integrated with your preferred software. Is your software of choice not listed? Ask our specialists about the possibilities.

KeyConductor 24p

H x W x D: 14.88 x 30.7 x 7.14 inches

KeyConductor 60p

H x W x D: 29.3 x 30.7 x 7.14 inches

KeyConductor 108p

H x W x D: 39.4 x 30.7 x 7.14 inches

KeyConductor 180p

H x W x D: 64.25 x 31.9 x 9 inches
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